Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my new.....

well holy cow it has been FOREVER since i put anything on here, but in all reality it is because i had no real news to post! BUT NOW....

my divorce is almost over! talked to my lawyer yesterday. just working on the final paperwork and it will be OFFICIAL in the next few weeks!!! wooohoooo divorce party time!! i don't regret getting married because it really helped me grow up and realize what is most important in my life. 1 being family and 2 being the type of man i want to spend my life with. what qualities i want, values, ect. when your so young those don't REALLY cross your mind as IMPORTANT then being happy and in love. you just tell yourself they will all work out. but after being married and going though the "married life" i have a few things that are a MUST in the next (and final) go around!! so with that...please meet Matthew Colby! :)
He has to be one of the most wonderful men i've been met! I know, he's a little scary lookin right now, but he works over in afghan for 3 months at a time. but to me, its worth the wait to spend my time with him!
Right now, we are on vacation spending as much time as we can until he goes back next week! We've already been to Las Vegas (SOOO fun) and now we are in San Fran CA and then off to San Diego in a few days! but here are some pics from so far on this trip! ENJOY!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009



for my divorce to be final
to have a million bucks
to get a kitten
bigger boobs...ha
longer hair
world peace
not to get wrinkles til i'm at least 65
maybe find my true prince charming
have a family of my own
2010 mazda 3
to time travel and/or
travel the world
for my sister to have a healthy baby girl
live by the beach
to go to a great concert
to have a full fridge
sonic ice in my freezer
to eat anything i want and not gain a pound

but my number one wish would have to be:

to live a long happy life :)

and i'm getting there....one day at a time

Friday, October 2, 2009

time flies when your havin fun!

HOLY COW i haven't been on here in forever! sorry guys! but shoot where do i start! Well....i'm livin in my own place now which is really exciting! i can't tell you our invigorating movin out and starting over with all your own things and making our own choices really can be! I live for IKEA right now! they have the best things for the cheapest prices..which fits PERFECTLY in my budget of $0! So i'm havin fun doin that! I can't wait for this divorce to be finalized! i hate the waiting game! All I have to say is that i'm glad non of you have to go through this...or i guess i should say i HOPE non of you have to go through this! Let me tell ya....it's no fun! But dang i'm writing with no real reason but just to say HI and i'm still alive!!! sorry for the jumbled mess!! love you all! have a great day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

it is me and the world...endless possibilities

new life

alright i've come to the conclusion that it's time for me to just start fresh and begin my new life. As most of you know....well all 4 of you on my other blog....that i am separating myself from my husband. this has honestly had to be the HARDEST thing i have ever had to do. the fact that i am dropping my life and going into a whole new world of hell of trying to just get through the normal day to day living knowing that you are just another statistic on the marriage poll, that you failed, that no matter what you did to try to make things work all that happened is heartache and pain. Something I like to call DO-DO! The something that never gets better no matter what way you look at it....it's just in the end...poop!!!
what i know now is that this choice that i have made is the first step in my future. it is the first step to a happier and more productive life. this one choice has saved me from a life that i had no control over. it was like driving down a very steep hill with no breaks, just praying that when you got to the bottom you'll still be in enough pieces that you will be able to salvage what is left to get out of the wreckage.
i have done a lot of stupid things in my time on this earth, and i have to say by far the dumbest thing i did was neglect my family and friends. i left behind everybody who has stuck by my side and has seen me through it all, and for that i can't apologize enough. i love you with all my heart and i pray that one day i will be able to make it up to all of you. and one day i hope that i will be able to show you my thanks for being there for me.
like i said before this is the worst thing any married couple can go through and i am so thankful that i have you to help me through it. but enough about this....Monica is back!